Ferndown Forest GC Ladies Section

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The Summer Bowl

The Summer Bowl is a Competition made up of 4 rounds and it is open to all Ferndown Forest’s Lady Members who hold a handicap. One round is played each month during the 4 months of summer (June to September incl.) making a total of 4 rounds. The round can be played on any day and at any time during the stated month.


Each player is responsible for entering their own scores on the score sheet correctly and honestly. 

Remember, the round must be signed for before play commences. No scores can be entered unless the round has been signed for prior to play. 

All scores must be returned immediately after the round has been completed.

The marker can be any club member and they do not have to enter the competition or play their round at the same time.

When you decide you are going to play your round, simply enter your name, the date, time and your Signature on the main score sheet, before you play.  When you have finished your round, enter your scores on the main score sheet, ask your marker to sign in the appropriate column, and place your score card in the envelope marked ‘Summer Bowl Score Cards’. The cards will be collected and checked by a member of the committee each month.

Your choice of your 3 best scores will be totalled at the end of September. 

The player with the lowest total of all nett score will be declared the winner.

There is no entry fee for this competition.

This is a fun non-qualifying competition, however if you wish to sign into the computer and enter a general play card and proceed as you would normally entering scores on the computer, then create two cards and put one in the handicap box and the other in the Summer Bowl envelope on the noticeboard.



The Summer Knockout Competition starts in June.


If you wish to enter there is a booking form below and a sign up sheet on the changing room.


Please pay your entry fee to Penny before commencing.


Entry Fee £2.00


When the draw is made, depending on the number of entries, some entrants may receive a bye for the first round. Those who receive a bye will then be told the winner of which match they will play. It is then up to the 2 people drawn together to contact each other and organise their own day to play each other within the parameters of the date when each round must be completed.


The 1st round is usually played within one month, the 2nd within 3½ weeks and the final within 2 weeks. These dates will be posted when the draw has been made.

The winner of each match will be displayed here.

If a player finds that they are unable to play their round within the dates specified they must forfeit the game to the other player who will then go on to the next round.

There is a trophy and memento for the overall winner and a memento for the runner up.

There may be exceptional circumstances, e.g. unplayable nature of the course, when a match cannot be completed within the required time and an extension will then be given.